TCS CodeVita Syllabus and Contest Pattern 2021 [Updated Season 10]

TCS Codevita Contest Pattern
TCS Codevita Syllabus and Contest Pattern

About TCS CodeVita

TCS CodeVita, the largest global computer programming competition, is a 24-hour online programming contest where a participant can log in from anywhere, any time. Coding enthusiasts can sharpen their programming skills through a series of intriguing real-life challenges across a stretch of 3 Rounds and an opportunity to win the coveted “World’s Best Coder” title along with prize money of $10,000.

TCS CodeVita Rounds

No of RoundsMode
Grand finaleOnline/India

TCS CodeVita Syllabus

SectionNo of questionsTotal Time
Pre-qualifier Round66 hours
Qualifier Round88 hours
Final Round1010 hours

Pre-qualifier Round

  • TCS Pre-qualifier Round is a 6 hour coding challenge
  • You will be given 24 hour window and you can take any 6 hour window within that 24 hours
  • Participants clearing this round will get an interview opportunity for the role of assistant system engineer in TCS.

Qualifier Round

  • Participants clearing pre-qualifier rounds will be allowed to take part in qualifier round
  • This round will also have 6 hours time and the question level will be much higher than Pre-qualifier round

Final Round

The top three participants will be declared as winners. The final round will be conducted in one of the TCS offices in India.

Languages allowed in TCS CodeVita

LanguageCompiler Version
CGCC 9.3.0
C++g++ 9.3.0
JavaOpen JDK 11.0.11
PHP 7.4.3
PythonPython 3.8.10


  • Array
  • String
  • Stack
  • Queue
  • Hashing
  • Tree
  • Graph
  • Recursion
  • Greedy Algorithm
  • BackTracking
  • Dynamic Programming

Does TCS Hire through Codevita?

Yes TCS hire through codevita. If you clear the first round which is the pre-qualifier round then you get an interview opportunity for the role of assistant system engineer in TCS. If you do very well in the interview then you get an interview call for TCS digital.

What is the payscale of Codevite hires?

TCS pays 3.36000 LPA for the role of the assistant system engineer and 7.20000 LPA for the role of TCS digital.

Is competitive programming necessary for Codevita?

The competition level of TCS Codevita is very high and the questions are very difficult so if you do competitive coding beforehand then it will a very big advantage for you and you will easily be able to clear the coding competition. If you will do competitive coding you will know how to handle the pressure of solving coding questions in a limited amount of time.

Where can I find the registration link?

TCS Codevita Season 10 is here you can register using the following link – Codevita

Batches allowed – 2020 to 2025

How many questions will be there in all three rounds of CodeVita?

There will be a total of three rounds-

1. Pre-qualifier Round

Total time – 6 hours

Total questions – 6

2. Qualifier Round

Total Time- 8 hours

Total questions- 8

3. Final Round

Total Time- 10 hours

Total questions- 10

If I have referred/used a code from the internet, do I have to declare the same?

Yes at the time of submitting your code you will get an option- “I would like to provide attribution to the following sources”. So you will need to select this option before submitting the code.

Why should you register in codevita?

  • You will be able to test your coding skills.
  • If you can clear the first round then you will get an interview opportunity in TCS.
  • If you can win all the three rounds then you will win an amount of 10000 $.

Last Minute Preparation

All the best to the students preparing for TCS codevita