Application of Recursion

Recursion:-  Recursion is a method of solving problems that involves breaking a problem down into smaller and smaller subproblems until you get to a small enough problem that it can be solved trivially. generally known as the base case.

Breaking down a problem into smaller subproblems in order to make our task easier and feasible.

If you want to Learn the recursion right from the basics to advance then you can follow the Recursion (Basics to Advanced) Series By Striver.

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Recursion Playlist

Now in this article, we are going to be focused on the applications and Real-world uses of recursion.

Some Practical Real-world application of Recursion is given Below

  • Chess Games :- If you have ever played chess on your mobile or laptop then you must be aware of the auto-suggestion for each move on the chessboard. And if you have not played it yet then you can take the reference from the image below.

The green Dots that you are able to see in the above image are generated with the help of recursions. Here recursion is used to generate all possible safe and unsafe moves of a particular piece of the chess game. Generally, the safe moves are represented with the help of a Green dot and Red for the unsafe ones.

  • Bubble Shooter Game :- The very popular Bubble Shooter Game also implies or uses the concept of recursion in it. It generally finds all possible bubbles of the same colour in all the four directions and both the diagonals.which are connected to each other and Blast them if the same colour bubble is thrown on them. The game is Same as the flood fill problem of the Recursion.

Some other popular Games that use the concept of recursion are Candy Crush, Sudoku, etc.

  • Windows Paint Application :- Windows paint is the most popular application that uses the concept of recursion while Filling the colour in a particular area of the drawing/Model. It uses the concept of flood fill while colouring a particular area of the drawing.

  • Tree Data Structure: The most important data structureTree doesn’t exist without recursion. We can solve that in an iterative way also but that will be a very tough task. For smaller problems the iterative way will work fine but for the larger tree the iterative way will become the headache to use. because as the tree size will increase the size of the code too will increase. But with the help of recursion the size of the code will become drastically small.
  • Sorting Algorithms :- Most of the sorting algorithms uses the concept of recursion to sort the data according to the given condition. Many of the Sorting algorithms like Quick sort, Merge sort, etc. Uses the recursion to sort the data. Some Searching algorithms Like Binary search uses the concept of recursion.


The uses of recursion are uncountable, nowadays Because it has numerous applications.

So understanding the concept of recursion is important for every student who wants to pursue their career in the IT industry.  

Recursion is also the Backbone of the AI. Which is the future of the IT industry.

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