Top Array Interview Questions – Structured Path with Video Solutions

Array Series Overview

Given below is the best-structured path to learn Arrays with the best video tutorials, and at the same time practice problems which are asked in top tech giants like Google, Amazon, Facebook, etc, and startups like Swiggy, Zomato, Paytm, and others.

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If you still have doubts or questions, we’ve got you covered! Check out our FAQs section at the bottom of the page, where we address some common queries that might help clarify any concerns you have.

Note: Only start solving the problems, if you have prior knowledge of DSA, in case you are a beginner please switch to Strivers A2Z DSA Sheet.

Part 1: Basic

Action Problem [Articles, Codes] PL-1 Solution PL-2 Notes Company
Largest Element in an Array
Check if the array is sorted
Second Largest Element in an Array without…
Linear Search
Left Rotate an array by one place
Part 2: Easy

Action Problem [Articles, Codes] PL-1 Solution PL-2 Notes Company
Maximum Consecutive Ones
Move Zeros to end
Left rotate an array by D places
Remove duplicates from Sorted array
Find missing number in an array
Find the number that appears once, and oth…
Find the Union
2Sum Problem
Part 3: Medium

Action Problem [Articles, Codes] PL-1 Solution PL-2 Notes Company
Search in a 2 D matrix
Leaders in an Array problem
Print the matrix in spiral manner
Rotate Matrix by 90 degrees
Stock Buy and Sell
Rearrange the array in alternating positiv…
Find the duplicate in an array of N+1 inte…
Kadane’s Algorithm, maximum subarray sum
Print subarray with maximum subarray sum (…
Grid Unique Paths
Sort an array of 0’s, 1’s and 2’s
Pascal’s Triangle
Part 4: Hard

Action Problem [Articles, Codes] PL-1 Solution PL-2 Notes Company
Majority Element (>n/2 times)
Next Permutation
Set Matrix Zeros
Majority Element (n/3 times)
Merge Overlapping Subintervals
Merge two sorted arrays without extra spac…
Longest Consecutive Sequence in an Array
Longest subarray with given sum K(positive…
Longest subarray with sum K (Positives + N…
Count subarrays with given sum
Count number of subarrays with given xor K
Part 5: Expert

Action Problem [Articles, Codes] PL-1 Solution PL-2 Notes Company
3-Sum Problem
4-Sum Problem
Find the repeating and missing number
Maximum Product Subarray
Merge Sort
Count Inversions
Reverse Pairs
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Is this a language specific series?
Striver has made sure that the lectures are not language based, he teaches you the alogrithms. Post that he writes the pseudocodes, which are language independent. Loops and data structures are similar in every language, so you can always have the articles open on a parallel tab to check the code for C++, Java, Python or Javascript.
What if the codes are not available in the language I code in?
Open bard/chatGPT, and paste our C++ or any language code, and ask him to convert it into language of your choice, and he will do it for you.
How do I get my doubts resolved?
If you have any doubts, you can always open the youtube comments, and read through. Mostly all the common doubts are there in the YouTube section. If you still have doubts, we will highly encourage you to use technology, and open Bard/ChatGPT, and paste the code from our article, and ask them the doubt. This works for most of the use cases. If you still have doubt, you can post on the youtube comments, Striver usually replies if the community has not.
Do I need to pay anything?
As of today, every thing on takeUforward is free, however we will be happy if you give us a shoutout if the content helps you. That will mean a world to us.