Most asked Operating System Interview Questions

Most asked Operating System Interview Questions

Operating System (OS) is basically a software program that manages and handles all resources of a computer such as hardware and software. The first OS was introduced in the early 1950s known as GMOs. An OS is responsible for managing, handling, and coordinating overall activities and sharing of computer resources. It acts as an intermediary among users of computer and computer hardware. 

Checkout most asked operating systems interview questions below:

  1. What are a socket, kernel, and monolithic kernel?
  2. What is main purpose of operating system? Discuss different types
  3. Difference between process, program and thread? Different types
  4. Define Virtual Memory, Thrashing and Threads
  5. What is RAID? Different types of RAID
  6. What is a deadlock? Necessary conditions for deadlock
  7. What is Fragmentation? Types of Fragmentation
  8. What is spooling?
  9. What are semaphore and mutex? Define Binary Semaphore
  10. BELADY’S ANOMALY : Explained
  11. Starving and Ageing in Operating System : Explained
  12. Why does thrashing occur?
  13. What is paging and why do we need it?
  14. Demand paging and Segmentation
  15. Different types of Operating Systems and Real-time OS
  16. Difference between Main memory and Secondary memory
  17. Dynamic Binding : Explained
  18. FCFS Scheduling : Explained
  19. SJF Scheduling : Explained
  20. SRTF Scheduling : Explained
  21. LRTF Scheduling : Explained
  22. Priority Scheduling
  23. Round Robin Scheduling : Explained
  24. Producer Consumer Problem
  25. Banker’s Algorithm : Explained
  26. What is cache?
  27. Difference between Direct Mapping and Associative Mapping
  28. Difference between Multitasking and Multiprocessing
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