Top paid technical job in 2022 other than Software Developer

Digital transformation has caused a shift in the abilities required across numerous organizational functions as a result of the epidemic and technology advancements. Companies have had to quickly shift their operations online in a competitive world of business, relying more on information and technology to customers to create, identify their needs, and deliver products and services.

As a result of increasing digitalization, there is a higher demand for trained individuals with specific technical knowledge and certifications to deal with developing business difficulties.

Data scientists, data analysts, artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, cloud services, cyber security, online marketing, and product managers are in high demand.

All of these skills are now necessary for companies to compete and prosper in the digital economy, as well as for people to stand out.
Many individuals are considering refocusing their careers by switching to a different industry as we approach 2022. In able to cater and go forward, they must future-proof their competencies by developing skills in the new-age field.

The following is a list of some of the highest-paying jobs :

  • Cyber Security Specialists

As a result of widespread digital transformation, safeguarding data and digital content has become a top issue.

In the tech industry, there is a growing demand for highly competent Cyber Security experts with issue, analytical and digital forensics skills who can decipher and track all computational actions.

Individuals, organizations, and organizations are safe from all forms of cyber threats and crimes thanks to cyber security professionals.

At the entrance level, practitioners make roughly 6 lakhs per year, 10-12 lakhs in the medium, and 30-40 lakhs at the senior level.

  • Cloud Engineers and Architects


The future of all commercial and consumer operations is cloud computing. Cloud Software Developers, Cloud Designers, and Network Infrastructure Designers are in high demand, and they are receiving top industry offers. According to a new IDC forecast, India’s cloud infrastructure services sector would be worth $10.8 billion by 2025. Professionals with a specialization in Cloud Technology who are also proficient in programming, database administration, and Linux may experience a 60 percent income rise.

Applicants in Cloud Computing earn 6-8 lakhs per year at the entry-level, 10-12 lakhs at the mid-level, and 30 lakh per year at the senior level. Some domain specialists might earn as much as 70 lakh per year.

  • Data Scientists


According to recent reports, the need for Full-Stack Programmer in India has increased by 20%. As businesses go online and generate large volumes of data, data scientists are some of the most in-demand professions. Demand for Data Analysts has surged by 29% year over year, according to Indeed. Businesses aiming to make data-driven business decisions are in great demand for data scientists with coding, visual analytics, and machine learning expertise. Data scientists can expect to receive a basic salary that is 36% higher than normal analytics specialists due to the strong demand In India, a junior Data Scientist should earn about 5-7 lakhs per year, a mid-level Data Scientist 12-15 lakhs per year, and a Senior Data Scientist 21-25 lakhs per year.

  • Full Stack Developers

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Specialists with experience in front-end and back-end advancement, version control systems, coding skills, cloud and database skills, and competency in Python, Java, CSS, Ruby on Rails, and other programming languages can expect to earn 5-6 lakhs per year at entry-level, 8-10 lakhs per year at mid-level, and 10-12 lakhs per year at senior level from startups and top MNCs.

  • AI Engineer

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In India, the yearly income for an access AI engineer is around Rs.8 lakhs, with the highest-paid AI engineer earning up to Rs.50 lakh. Artificial intelligence (AI) engineers design, test, and deploy complex networks of algorithms that mimic human intelligence.

AI engineers also turn machine learning models into ready-to-use APIs so that other apps can use them.

  • Product Managers

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Product managers wear many hats, including those of IT specialists, administrators, communicators, and success evangelists, and are frequently considered as mini-CEOs in charge of product launches and updates. In recent years, it has become one of the highly searched roles.

Product managers in India earn an average pay of Rs 17,41,318 per year, according to Pay Scale, and can earn up to Rs 20 lakhs per year with suitable experience and upskilling.

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