TCS CodeVita registration 2022

TCS CodeVita Registration

TCS CodeVita is one of the world’s biggest coding competitions, TCS started this in the year 2012 and since then this competition is running successfully. Last season ( 9th season) got over 3,50,000+ registrations from over 98 countries across 3500+ institutes.

Why should you apply for this?

  • Global ranking to top coders
  • Top 3 coders to win total a prize money of USD 20,000/-
  • A chance to explore exciting careers* with one of the world’s most powerful brand
    • A chance to compete with some of the best coders in the world
    • A platform to showcase your programming skills
    • The finalists stand a chance to travel** to India for the season 10 live grand finale experience.

Who can apply for this?

Open for students with a year of graduation 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, and 2025. This contest is not open for TCS employees.

Preparation strategy:

Planning preparation with the pattern of the competition will definitely help a lot, So you can find the details of the coding rounds below.

There will be 3 rounds in total

  •  Round 1: Pre-Qualifier
  • Round 2 Qualifier
  • Round 3 Grand Finale.

Pre-Qualifier Round:

  1. Pre-Qualifier round is of 24hours in which you have to attend the test for 6hours according to your convenient
  2. Compared to other rounds this round has less difficulty.
  3. If you score top rank in this round there is a high chance to get a direct offer letter from TCS.
  4. No need to use a Web-cam for this round- Non proctored.

Qualifier- Round:

  1. Candidates who qualify in the pre-qualifier round are eligible for this round.
  2. Clearing this round will highly help you to get job in TCS with decent salary
  3. However the difficulty level will be more as compared to previous round
  4. No need to use a Web-cam for this round- Non proctored.

 Grand Finale

  1. Candidates who qualify in the qualifier round are eligible for this round
  2. Finale will be in offline – in any of the TCS branch(if pandemic is high this round will be in online mode)
  3. Top 3 coders will get a chance to win US$20,000 prize money.

Registration process:

  • Click on register in the below page

  • Select INDIA, Fill all the details( First Name, Last Name, email, username, password) as shown below. Make sure you fill all the details correctly

  • Click on the logo of INDIA

  • After Reading Terms and conditions, click on Accept

  • After that an email will be sent on your mail ID for verification

  • After clicking on the link provided in your email Id, you will land on the following page and proceed as mentioned in the screenshots below.

  • After saving the above step another page will open where you are required to provide your mobile number and a OTP will be shared with you, enter that OTP

Steps for generating reference ID:

  • Select your preference

  • Fill in all your details CORRECTLY

  • Click on confirm

  • Click on continue and complete the application form

  • Click on the Application form.

  • Click start filling the form and fill all your details in the 4 sections

  • Fill in other details as well and Upload CV and Profile Picture. Also fill the Application Form Preview and submit the form. You will see green Tick when the information is filled correctly and click on submit Application.

Frequently asked questions(FAQ)

  1. Where to register for the competition?
    Here it goes…
  2. How many questions will be there in all three rounds of CodeVita?
    There will be around 6 programming challenges in Round 1 and around 8 programming challenges in Round 2 and around 10 programming challenges in the Finale of the contest.
  3. Do I have to attempt the questions in serial order?
    No, you do not have to attempt the questions in any order.
  4. What are programming languages available in the contest?
  5. How long before a session will expire?
    If you are not active on the system for more than 15 minutes, the session will expire.