Samsung Interview Experience | SET-2

Company Name: SAMSUNG


Years of Experience Required: ZERO

Drive: On-campus

Preparation for Samsung

Topics: DP, GREEDY, GRAPH(Graph and Dp is their favorite)

Duration:3 months

Source of Preparation:

  • Follow Strivers SDE sheet (one interview question on LINKED LIST was asked from this sheet)
  • Solve Aditya Verma playlist of DP and Sliding Window (Try to explain the way he explained DP questions i.e. first recursion then memoize and then tabulation)

[BONUS]: Follow the way which striver shows while explaining the DSA problems in videos. Also, practice a lot of mock interviews with your friends before appearing in any real interview, it will make you confident for speaking in real interviews.

Samsung Interview Rounds

Round 1: Online Coding Test

Problem 1: You are given a binary tree. Find count of all nodes with a value equal to the sum of left and right nodes. For NULL nodes take the value as ZERO. Return count of all specific nodes

Problem 2: I don’t exactly remember the question. It was quite a big one. I am attaching a quite similar question that i found in leetcode.

Round 2:Video Call.

Topics asked: Linked List, Greedy


Problem 1:

Problem 2: You are given two arrays(A, B) of the same size n.You take any one element from array A and for that element take any element in array B. You do this for all the elements of array A i.e. pair (Ai, Bi) is made. Now take the abs difference of these pair elements (abs(Ai, Bi)), add them and return the minimum sum possible.

Round 3:Video Call.

Topics asked: Greedy, Dp, Merge Sort


Problem 1: it was a standard question though was asked in a tricky way. You are given an array. Minimize the sum of two subsets. The way he asked was you have an array with natural number values and you have two employees. You have to distribute the incentives(elements of the array) such that the difference between the incentives acquired by both of them is minimal.

Problem 2: Explain Stability of mergesort

Problem 3: How does google map work

Round 4: HR/Managerial Round

Basic questions like what is our weakness and you are overcoming it. As i am from the mechanical branch she asked me will I require a mentor i instantly said yes and justified my point.

Verdict: Selected

Message to Aspiring Students.

Follow three channels religiously takeuforward, Aditya Verma, LeadCoding by Fraz. Never miss live questions solving of leetcode by striver on CODEBEYOND. If you have less time try to get a good hold of DSA first(400+ different questions will be enough) and for fluently giving coding rounds solve 25 a ladder and 25 b ladder. the purpose of this is that on LEETCODE we solve function questions and in coding rounds sometimes we have to solve from scratch. As I had 8 months only before placement I solved leetcode and gfg only and did the ladder thing.

How did I use LEETCODE⇒Don’t randomly pick questions if you have less time.

I used this section of leetcode to find which questions to cover. Giving some examples

Just some examples

If you are from branch-like mech or civil try to justify that.IF you have more than 1.3 years of doing CP as before 2 months of placement do leetcode. PS: Mechanical se hu Bhai.