Paid Work from Home Internship at takeUforward!

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We have 50 openings for paid work from home internships at takeuforward.

Job responsibility:

  • The primary responsibility of the intern is to create text-based intuitive tutorials to algorithmic problems for the takeuforward website.
  • The created content should be originally written by the intern and should not be copied from anywhere else.
  • The tutorial for any single coding problem should be well explained, thoughtful for any student to understand all possible approaches.
  • While writing the article, the intern might have to create some graphics or images if required for better readability or understanding of the tutorial.

Required Skills:

  • Good at Data Structures & Algorithms
  • Good at verbal/written english.

Selection Procedure [Important]:

  1. Since this is a WFH opportunity with limited interaction with peers, we don’t have any training period allocated. Hence, we want you to start contributing and get 3 articles successfully published on the website.
  2. Once, you have successfully published 3 articles under your name, send us an email at [email protected] with links to all three published articles and your resume.
  3. Post verifying the articles, we will send you an official confirmation on email with the commencement of your paid internship.

Note: Any unpublished, rejected, under-review articles or tutorials are not eligible to get selected for a paid internship.

Steps to Contribute a Tutorial:

  1. Choose a topic from this list: Available Topics.
  2. Create an editable copy of this sample document.
  3. Search for the video solution about the topic on takeUforward’s YouTube channel.
  4. Write your tutorial in a google doc following the same format as sample doc. Just the tutorial part would be sufficient.
  5. Please take the code explained in the video.
  6. Email your tutorial to: [email protected]
  7. Interview Experiences will not be counted under this category.

Note: In case, if we have multiple submissions on the same topic, the best one will be published on the site and we will soon remove that from the available topic list.


The first 3 articles, before getting an official letter will be un-paid as they count under our training program.

Post getting an official confirmation, for all subsequent articles, you will be paid between INR 150-200 per article depending on the efforts.


In order to ask for a payout, you must have successfully published between 5-10 articles to be eligible in the payout cycle.

For receiving payout, drop us an email at [email protected] after successfully publishing the above-mentioned articles.