Nutanix Interview Experience | Set – 1

Company Name: Nutanix

Job Role: Member of Technical Staff (DevEx)

Years of Experience Required: 0

Drive: On-campus

CTC: B.E – 41.5 (20 Base + 1.5 JB + 20 lakh worth stocks),M.Tech – 43.5(21 Base + 2.5 JB + 20 lakh worth stocks)

Preparation for Nutanix

Topics: OOPS, Operating System, Data Base Management System, Linux/Unix Commands, Computer Network, Basic Data Structures

Source of Preparation:

Notes for OOPS, DSA, Computer Networks, and Operating systems, and Multicore Architecture and Programming.


Nutanix Interview Rounds

Round 1: Online Coding Test [Hacker rank]

There were Numerical Aptitude, BFS, and Operating system-related MCQs and a coding problem.

Problem Statement: “Given an integer, write a program to find the 4th bit in its binary form.”

Round 2: Technical Interview -1

  1. Asked about approaches to solve aptitude and technical MCQs in Hacker rank Test. 
  2. Asked to solve some numerical aptitude questions.
  3. Optimal Page Replacement numerical question.
  4. BFS Traversal 
  5. Linux commands

Round 3: Technical Interview – 2

Asked about conceptual questions about Operating systems, Database Management systems, OOPS and Multithreading, Virtualization, and Computer Networks.

Round 4: HR/Managerial Round

  1. Tell me about yourself?
  2. Internship
  3. Why do you want to join Nutanix?
  4. If you get PPO from the company you interned, will you join Nutanix?

Verdict: Selected.

Message to Students:

Understand the concepts in a crystal clear way. Don’t try to mug up the concepts. In this interview, core computer science concepts were focused on.