Most trusted 90 days roadmap to placement – Guaranteed

Most trusted 90 days roadmap to placement – Guaranteed

This roadmap is aimed at helping entry-level software engineering jobs aspirants at top tech product-based companies and startups.

Note: Please watch this video in order to understand in depth what to do precisely.

Why trust this roadmap?

It has been made by Raj Vikramaditya a.k.a., Striver. For credibilities, you can find all his info on his Linkedin.

More precisely, this will help you clear interviews of SDE 1 roles for almost all popular product based companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Flipkart, and startups like Uber, Ola, Swiggy, Zomato, etc.

The guide focuses on almost all parts of interview rounds divided across 90 days in order of priority levels. Even if you complete the first 45 days of roadmap, you should be confident enough to start appearing for interviews.

Assumption: We have assumed that you have the basic foundation or know at least any one programming language very well. If not, we recommend you to learn any one of C++, Java, Python, or any other object-oriented programming language and then start with the roadmap.

Finish up the popular Striver’s SDE sheetMost Trusted Interview Prep resource on the internet.

In case you don’t know tough topics like RECURSION, BACKTRACKING, DP, TREES, GRAPHS, TRIES, you can learn them by following the playlists at takeUforward.

How to Solve the SDE Sheet?

For every problem you solve:

  • Make a notebook and write every question there.
  • Pin down the approach in 3-4 lines, write the pseudocode, and the time complexity.
  • Every morning you get up in these 90 days, revise the entire notebook.
Motivation: On the first day it might take you a lot of time to revise, but eventually, with every passing day, the time span will reduce, and there will be a day where you will revise the entire sheet in under 15 minutes.

Pick up any course on Udemy on Development, on any genre you feel like, and do that course religiously, every course on Udemy has a project backed up with it. You can finish that project and make some changes, and add some extra features to it, and for the time being, you can use that as your project in your resume.

You may check the following courses:

Revise or Learn about complete core subjected including DBMS, Computer Networks, Operating Systems etc as described.

Complete Data Base Management Systems. Check Playlist.

Complete Operating Systems.Check Playlist

Complete Computer Networks. Checkout this playlist.

Complete OOPs in both C++ and Java. Try choosing Java for OOPS only if you have decent idea about java, else stick to the language in which you are doing DSA.

How to Clear Online Assessments?

Please give all the weekly, biweekly, and friday contests at Leetcode and Codestudio. These contests are up-solved by Striver himself on his YT channel. Also for aptitude rounds, please follow this site.

What about the guarantee?

This is not a paid program, but we can guarantee that the content suggested in the roadmap is good enough for you to clear the interviews if you have religiously followed the roadmap for 90 days.

To give you more confidence, checkout the testimonials of 100s of students on our linkedin page, who already have cleared interviews successfully following the roadmap.