Blind 75 Leetcode problems : Detailed Video Solutions

What is Blind 75 leetcode?

Blind 75 leetcode is a list of 75 most frequent asked leetcode questions which had helped many developers clear interviews of Google, Facebook, Amazon etc. Hence, it is a tried and tested list with 1000s of testimonials available on all public review platforms such as quora, teamblind etc.

What is takeuforward?

takeuforward is a free online learning community developed to teach anyone who want to clear software engineering interviews. It is created by a Google Software Engineer – Raj Vikramaditya (Ex,, Amazon).

What will you find in this post?

Here you will find the complete list of blind 75 leetcode questions and well explained text/video solutions to all problems developed by Google software engineer.

Is blind 75 enough?

Yes, and No both. Confused? Well let us clarify, blind 75 is a list of just 75 questions designed in a way that it covers most of the concepts asked in any coding interview. However, what you need to understand is these questions alone will not help you be an excellent problem solver but these problems will give you a good head start and a direction to work in. However, most people get direct questions from the blind 75 list because it is designed in a way that it contains most frequently asked interview questions from different companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook etc but we highly recommend to solve more problems topic wise on leetcode after you complete this list.


Problem/SolutionLeetcode LinkYouTube Video
Two SumLinkLink
Best Time to Buy and Sell StockLinkLink
Contains DuplicateLinkNA
Product of Array Except SelfLinkNA
Maximum SubarrayLinkLink
Maximum Product SubarrayLinkNA
Find Minimum in Rotated Sorted ArrayLinkNA
Search in Rotated Sorted ArrayLinkLink
3 SumLinkLink
Container With Most WaterLinkNA


Problem/SolutionLeetCode LinkYouTube Video
Sum of Two IntegersLinkNA
Number of 1 BitsLinkNA
Counting BitsLinkNA
Missing NumberLinkLink
Reverse BitsLinkNA

Dynamic Programming

Problem/SolutionLeetCode LinkYouTube Video
Climbing StairsLinkLink
Coin ChangeLinkLink
Longest Increasing SubsequenceLinkLink
Longest Common SubsequenceLinkLink
Word Break ProblemLinkNA
Combination SumLinkLink
House RobberLinkLink
House Robber IILinkNA
Decode WaysLinkNA
Unique PathsLinkLink
Jump GameLinkNA


Problem/SolutionLeetCode LinkYouTube Video
Clone GraphLinkNA
Course ScheduleLinkNA
Pacific Atlantic Water FlowLinkNA
Number of IslandsLinkNA
Longest Consecutive SequenceLinkNA
Alien Dictionary (Leetcode Premium)LinkNA
Graph Valid Tree (Leetcode Premium)LinkNA
Number of Connected Components in an Undirected Graph (Leetcode Premium)LinkLink


Problem/SolutionLeetCode LinkYouTube Video
Insert IntervalLinkLink
Merge IntervalsLinkLink
Non-overlapping IntervalsLinkLink
Missing NumberLinkLink
Meeting Rooms (Leetcode Premium)LinkLink
Meeting Rooms II (Leetcode Premium)LinkLink

Linked List

Problem/SolutionLeetCode LinkYouTube Video
Reverse a Linked ListLinkLink
Detect Cycle in a Linked ListLinkLink
Merge Two Sorted ListsLinkLink
Merge K Sorted ListsLinkNA
Remove Nth Node From End Of ListLinkLink
Reorder ListLinkNA


Problem/SolutionLeetCode LinkYouTube Video
Set Matrix ZeroesLinkLink
Spiral MatrixLinkLink
Rotate ImageLinkLink
Word SearchLinkNA


Problem/SolutionLeetCode LinkYouTube Video
Longest Substring Without Repeating CharactersLinkLink
Longest Repeating Character ReplacementLinkNA
Minimum Window SubstringLinkNA
Valid AnagramLinkNA
Group AnagramsLinkNA
Valid ParenthesesLinkLink
Valid PalindromeLinkNA
Longest Palindromic SubstringLinkNA
Palindromic SubstringsLinkNA
Encode and Decode Strings (Leetcode Premium)LinkNA


Problem/SolutionLeetCode LinkYouTube Video
Maximum Depth of Binary TreeLinkLink
Same TreeLinkLink
Invert/Flip Binary TreeLinkLink
Binary Tree Maximum Path SumLinkLink
Binary Tree Level Order TraversalLinkLink
Serialize and Deserialize Binary TreeLinkLink
Subtree of Another TreeLinkLink
Construct Binary Tree from Preorder and Inorder TraversalLinkLink
Validate Binary Search TreeLinkLink
Kth Smallest Element in a BSTLinkLink
Lowest Common Ancestor of BSTLinkLink
Implement Trie (Prefix Tree)LinkLink
Add and Search WordLinkLink
Word Search IILinkLink


Problem/SolutionLeetCode LinkYouTube Video
Merge K Sorted ListsLinkLink
Top K Frequent ElementsLinkLink
Find Median from Data StreamLinkLink

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