Amazon Interview Experiences : With detailed solutions

In this post, you will learn everything about Amazon hiring, the recruitment process, salaries, and a lot of interview experiences.

Note: All data in this post is gathered after studying more than 35 interview experiences or taken from verified public sources.

Amazon SDE 1 Recruitment process

Amazon conducts 5-6 rounds to select freshers/experienced developers as SDE 1 or SDE 2. Let’s look at a generic interview pattern for both of these roles.

  • Online Coding Round (Applicable to both SDE 1 and SDE 2 in most cases)
  • 2-3 Problem-Solving Rounds or Data Structure Rounds. (For SDE 1, there can be 2-3 rounds focusing only on problem-solving where as for SDE 2 roles, you will find a max of 2 problem-solving rounds in most cases).
  • Design Round (You will not find this in most SDE 1 interviews, for some SDE 1 interviews there can be a few questions based on LLP, however for SDE 2 hiring, you can expect at least one full-fledged interview round focused on HLD.)
  • Hiring Manager Round (Common to both SDE 1 and SDE 2, focuses on problem-solving, past work experience, and amazon leadership principles)
  • HR Round

Amazon Salaries

Amazon offers very lucrative salaries for hiring software developers. The average SDE 1 salary at Amazon starts from 35 LPA CTC, and for SDE 2 it goes as high as 50 LPA.

However, these numbers include a lot of additional components like stocks, RSUs, joining bonuses, etc. You can also find below-average base pay for both SDE 1 and SDE 2 roles at Amazon:

Amazon SDE 1 Interview Topics

Majorly Amazon Focuses only on the problem-solving skills of a student, or we can also call it data structures and algorithms. However, if you have applied for an SDE 2 role, you should be well-versed in system design as well. HLD is one of the key focus areas if you are applying for an SDE 2 role at Amazon and you need to be really good at it.

In some rare cases, amazon also asks questions from LLD, OS, DBMS, CN, etc.

Amazon SDE 1 Preparation resources

There are a lot of resources available online including paid and free, however, below is a proven, tried, and tested resource by 100s of students who have cleared interviews with Amazon.

Amazon Interview Experiences