Amazon Interview Experience : SDE : Set 48

Company Name: Amazon

Job Role: SDE

Years of Experience Required: Fresher

Drive: On-Campus

Preparation for Amazon

Topics: Data Structures and Algorithms

Duration: 6 months

Source of Preparation: Leetcode, GFG, Striver’s SDE sheet.


Amazon Interview Rounds

Interview Rounds

Round 1: Online Coding Test

  • Count inversions in an array: Given an array of N integers, count the inversion of the array (using merge-sort). What is an inversion of an array? Definition: for all i & j < size of array, if i < j then you have to find pair (A[i],A[j]) such that A[j] < A[i].
  • The second question was based on a binary search

Round 2: Technical Interview

  • 3 Sum:  Given an array of N integers, your task is to find unique triplets that add up to give a sum of zero. In short, you need to return an array of all the unique triplets [arr[a], arr[b], arr[c]] such that i!=j, j!=k, k!=i, and their sum is equal to zero.
  • Count Maximum Consecutive Ones in the array: Given an array that contains only 1 and 0 return the count of maximum consecutive ones in the array.

Round 3: Technical Interview

  • Print Root to Node Path in a Binary Tree
  • Sliding Window Maximum: Given an array of integers arr, there is a sliding window of size k which is moving from the very left of the array to the very right. You can only see the k numbers in the window. Each time the sliding window moves right by one position. Return the max sliding window.

Round 4: Technical + Managerial

Verdict: Selected