Amazon Interview Experience : SDE : Set 46

Company Name: Amazon

Job Role: SDE

Years of Experience Required: Fresher (0 Yrs.)

Drive: Off-Campus (Referral)

Preparation for Amazon

Topics: Data Structures and Algorithms

Duration: 1.5 years

Source of Preparation: Codechef,  Leetcode, GFG, Striver’s SDE sheet.


Amazon Interview Rounds

Interview Rounds

Round 1: Online Coding Test

  • Find Duplicate: Given an array of N + 1 size, where each element is between 1 and N. Assuming there is only one duplicate number, your task is to find the duplicate number.
  • Top view of a binary tree

Round 2: Technical Interview

  • Given an array arr of N integers, write a function that returns true if there is a triplet (a, b, c) that satisfies a2 + b2 = c2, otherwise false.
  • Merge two Sorted Arrays: Given two sorted arrays arr1[] and arr2[] of sizes n and m in non-decreasing order. Merge them in sorted order. Modify arr1 so that it contains the first N elements and modify arr2 so that it contains the last M elements.

Round 3: Technical Interview

Round 4:

  • Questions from my projects and internship, a very long discussion make sure you don’t copy your projects from somewhere.
  • Find Median from Data Stream

Verdict: Selelected