Amazon Interview Experience : SDE : Set 33

Company Name: Amazon

Job Role: SDE

Years of Experience Required: Fresher (0 Yrs.)

Drive: On-Campus


Preparation for Amazon

Topics: Data Structures and Algorithms

Duration: 6 months

Source of Preparation: Leetcode, GFG, Striver’s SDE sheet.


Amazon Interview Rounds

Interview Rounds

Round 1: Online Coding Test.

  • Given a number n, find the smallest number that has the same set of digits as n and is greater than n. If n is the greatest possible number with its set of digits, then print “not possible”.
  • Left view of the binary tree.

Round 2: Technical Interview

  • Given a binary tree and a value k. A path is called a heavy path if the sum of the elements in the path (path from the root to leaf) > k remove all the paths from the tree which are not heavy i.e., the tree should contain only heavy paths.
  • Find the sum of n elements after kth smallest element in BST. The tree is very large, you are not allowed to traverse the tree.

Round 3:Technical Interview

  • Maximize the number of 1s by flipping a subarray
  • Palindrome Partitioning: You are given a string s, and partitioned it in such a way that every substring is a palindrome. Return all such palindromic partitions of s

Round 4: Technical + Managerial

  • Difference between main memory and secondary memory
  • Explain banker’s algorithm
  • Merge K sorted arrays

Verdict: Selected