Amazon Interview Experience : SDE : Set 14

Company Name: Amazon

Job Role: SDE

Years of Experience Required: Fresher (0 Yrs.)

Drive: On-Campus

Preparation for Amazon

Topics: DBMS, Computer Network, OS, Data Structures and Algorithms

Duration: 3-4 months

Source of Preparation: Leetcode, GFG, Striver’s SDE sheet.


Amazon Interview Rounds

Round 1(HackerEarth Round – Coding Challenge): Two questions were asked to solve.

  1. Based on the priority queue
  2. Based on the map

Round 2: (Technical Interview)

  1.  Given an integer array arr, find the contiguous subarray (containing at least one number) which has the largest sum and return its sum and print the subarray. (Kadane’s Algorithm)
  2.  Given the heads of two non-empty linked lists representing two non-negative integers. The digits are stored in reverse order, and each of their nodes contains a single digit. Add the two numbers and return the sum as a linked list.(Add two Linkedlist)

Round 3: (Technical Interview)

  1. Number of Islands
  2. Reverse a Linked List

Round 4: (Technical Interview+ Managerial interview)

  1. The weight of N items and their corresponding values are given. We have to put these items in a knapsack of weight W such that the total value obtained is maximized. (Fractional Knapsack Problem)
  2. What do you mean by process synchronization.
  3. What is virtual memory.
  4. Some hr type questions.

Verdict: Selected

Message to Aspiring Students:

Keep practicing and you will do good, the interviewer will help you anywhere you get stuck soo just practice as much DSA you can and study CS fundamentals you will get the job.