Strivers 79 Last Moment DSA Sheet – Ace Interviews

Striver 79 Sheet Overview

The Striver’s 79 Sheet contains very handily crafted and picked top coding interview questions from different topics of Data Structures & Algorithms. These questions are one of the most asked coding interview questions in coding interviews of companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, Swiggy, Flipkart, etc, and cover almost all of the concepts related to Data Structure & Algorithms.

Key Highlights:

  • Revise all concepts in limited time that are needed for a DSA interview.
  • In-depth video solutions covering brute, better, optimal solutions.
  • Well structured articles/notes for quick revision.
  • C++, Java, Python and JavaScript code.
  • Company Tags associated with each problem.
  • Notes section to save your notes for quick revision.
About Instructor
  • Software Engineer at Google .
  • Offers from Facebook London and other startups.
  • Previously worked with Amazon, .
  • Followed by 1M+ people across YT, Linkedin and other socials.
  • Candidate Master at Codeforces.
  • 6* at Codechef.

If you still have doubts or questions, we’ve got you covered! Check out our FAQs section at the bottom of the page, where we address some common queries that might help clarify any concerns you have.

Note: Only start solving the problems, if you have prior knowledge of DSA, in case you are a beginner please switch to Strivers A2Z DSA Sheet.

Disclaimer: The questions are hard, so we expect you to be well versed with DSA, if you are not, please try A-Z Sheet or SDE-Sheet

Part 1: Arrays and Hashing

Action Problem [Articles, Codes] PL-1 Solution PL-2 Notes Company
Next Permutation
3-Sum Problem
Kadane’s Algorithm
Majority Element (n/3 times)
Count number of subarrays with given xor K
Find the repeating and missing number
Count Inversions
Maximum Product Subarray
Part 2: Binary Search

Action Problem [Articles, Codes] PL-1 Solution PL-2 Notes Company
Search in Rotated Sorted Array II
Find minimum in Rotated Sorted Array
Find peak element
Koko Eating Bananas
Aggressive Cows
Book Allocation Problem
Median of 2 sorted arrays
Minimize Max Distance to Gas Station
Part 3: Linked List

Action Problem [Articles, Codes] PL-1 Solution PL-2 Notes Company
Middle of a LinkedList [TortoiseHare Metho…
Detect a loop in LL
Remove Nth node from the back of the LL
Find the intersection point of Y LL
Sort LL
Segrregate odd and even nodes in LL
Part 4: Recursion and Backtracking

Action Problem [Articles, Codes] PL-1 Solution PL-2 Notes Company
Print all subsequences/Power Set
Combination Sum
N Queen
Sudoko Solver
M Coloring Problem
Word Search
Part 5: Stacks/Queues

Action Problem [Articles, Codes] PL-1 Solution PL-2 Notes Company
Next Greater Element
Trapping Rainwater
Largest rectangle in a histogram
Asteroid Collision
Sliding Window maximum
Part 6: Heaps

Action Problem [Articles, Codes] PL-1 Solution PL-2 Notes Company
Kth largest element in an array [use prior…
Task Scheduler
Min Heap and Max Heap Implementation
Part 7: Trees (BT + BST)

Action Problem [Articles, Codes] PL-1 Solution PL-2 Notes Company
Diameter of Binary Tree
Maximum path sum
Bottom View of Binary Tree
LCA in Binary Tree
Minimum time taken to BURN the Binary Tree…
Construct Binary Tree from inorder and pre…
Morris Preorder Traversal of a Binary Tree
Delete a Node in Binary Search Tree
LCA in Binary Search Tree
Two Sum In BST | Check if there exists a p…
Largest BST in Binary Tree
Part 8: Graphs

Action Problem [Articles, Codes] PL-1 Solution PL-2 Notes Company
Rotten Oranges
Word ladder – 1
Number of Distinct Islands [dfs multisourc…
Course Schedule – II
Alien dictionary
Djisktra’s Algorithm
Cheapest flights within k stops
Bellman Ford Algorithm
Floyd Warshal Algorithm
Kruskal’s Algorithm
Accounts merge
Bridges in Graph
Part 9: Dynamic Programming

Action Problem [Articles, Codes] PL-1 Solution PL-2 Notes Company
Maximum sum of non-adjacent elements (DP 5…
Ninja’s Training (DP 7)
Minimum path sum in Grid (DP 10)
Subset sum equal to target (DP- 14)
0/1 Knapsack (DP – 19)
Rod Cutting Problem | (DP – 24)
Longest Common Subsequence
Longest Palindromic Subsequence | (DP-28)
Edit Distance | (DP-33)
Buy and Stock Sell IV |(DP-38)
Longest Increasing Subsequence
Burst Balloons|(DP-51)
Part 10: Tries

Action Problem [Articles, Codes] PL-1 Solution PL-2 Notes Company
Implement Trie – 2 (Prefix Tree)
Maximum XOR With an Element From Array
Number of Distinct Substrings in a String
Part 11: String

Action Problem [Articles, Codes] PL-1 Solution PL-2 Notes Company
Minimum number of bracket reversals needed…
Rabin Karp
KMP algo / LPS(pi) array
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Is this a language specific series?
Striver has made sure that the lectures are not language based, he teaches you the alogrithms. Post that he writes the pseudocodes, which are language independent. Loops and data structures are similar in every language, so you can always have the articles open on a parallel tab to check the code for C++, Java, Python or Javascript.
What if the codes are not available in the language I code in?
Open bard/chatGPT, and paste our C++ or any language code, and ask him to convert it into language of your choice, and he will do it for you.
How do I get my doubts resolved?
If you have any doubts, you can always open the youtube comments, and read through. Mostly all the common doubts are there in the YouTube section. If you still have doubts, we will highly encourage you to use technology, and open Bard/ChatGPT, and paste the code from our article, and ask them the doubt. This works for most of the use cases. If you still have doubt, you can post on the youtube comments, Striver usually replies if the community has not.
When should I do this sheeet?
Only when you have good knowledge of DSA, and you have interviews lined up in next few weeks. We will recommend you to do the A-Z sheet if you are starting, and the SDE sheet if you have some months in your hand.
Do I need to pay anything?
As of today, every thing on takeUforward is free, however we will be happy if you give us a shoutout if the content helps you. That will mean a world to us.