Kreeti Technologies Software Engineer Interview Experience | Set 1

Company Name: Kreeti Technologies

Job Role: Software Engineer

Years of Experience Required: Freshers

Drive: OnCampus


Topics: Quantitative Aptitude, Logical reasoning & Verbal, General Knowledge & Puzzle, C/C++/Java, DSA, DBMS, OS.

Duration:  2-3 weeks (If you already cover DSA a little bit)

Source of Preparation:

  • Quantitative Aptitude, Logical reasoning & Verbal from IndiaBix, C/C++/Java, DSA, DBMS, OS, Puzzle from GFG.


Interview Rounds

Round 1: Online Aptitude Test

This is an online test that contains multiple-choice type questions based on Quantitative Aptitude, Logical reasoning & Verbal, General Knowledge & puzzles. 

This round contains 60 questions (3 sections, 20 questions each) and the time duration is 45 minutes only.

Each question has 1 mark weightage and has ¼ (-ve) marking for each wrong answer and is necessary to score at least 10 marks in each section (at least 30 out of 60).

Round 2: Online Coding Test.

This is an Online coding test round that has 4 coding questions and you need to write and run 2 out of 4 questions to qualify this round.

All 4 questions are easy-medium level, but here they only gave Javascript as a programming language in 3 questions and 1 question for any language. 

I write solutions for all 4 problems. 

Round 3: Technical Interview Round

This round is very important for each and every candidate. They asked me a lot of questions regarding C, C++, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, DSA, OS, and DBMS.

Questions are –

(1) Tell me about yourself.

(2) What is a static variable in C.

(3) What is dangling pointer, Null pointer, void pointer.

(4) What do you understand about header files?

(5) What is semantic in HTML.

(6) What denotes Doctype in HTML.

(7) What is SVG in HTML?

(8) What are closures in Javascript?

(9) What is a generator function in Javascript?

(10) How many types of joins are available in SQL.

(11) Write a SQL query ->

If we have two tables “Employee” and “Company” tables. We need to return all the employee names that are employees of ‘Kreeti Technologies’.

(12) Applications of Queue and Stack.

(13) What is linear data structure?

(14) Is linked list a linear data structure or non-linear data structure.

(15) Give me the names of all sorting algorithms that you have learned.

(16) Time complexity of these sorting algorithms.

(17) Give logic of DSA problem -> How do I find the middle element of the stack.

(18) Tell me the working of quicksort.

Round 4:  HR Round

I cleared the technical round easily and was shortlisted for the HR round, but I am not able to attend this because I got selected by another company on the same day before this HR round. So, according to our TPO policy, we are able to attend further drives after getting selected in one company. 

Round 5: Online Meeting (After clearing HR round)

Verdict: Selected