Commvault Systems SDE Interview Experience

Company Name: Commvault Systems

Job Role: Software Development Engineer

Years of Experience Required: Fresher

Drive: On-campus

CTC: 29-31 LPA

Year: 2021


Topics: C++, DSA, OS, CN, DBMS

Duration: No extra time for DSA, I had solved ~500 DSA and ~400 CP problems before. For core subjects, I took 1 month.

Source of Preparation:  Striver’s SDE Sheet, LeetCode, C++ Reference, Std books for core subjects.


Interview Rounds

Round 1: Online Coding Test (Hosted on geeekAssess)

MCQ: (Around 25 – 30)

  1. C++
  2. OS
  3. DBMS
  4. CN

Problem List:


Round 2: Project Round (~ 8hrs coding)

We were given access to Remove VM one day before. On the day of assessment, we were asked to create a File Manager with features like create, read, update, delete, list files in a directory, batch operations, creating soft/hard links, and managing versions of the files (version control). We were provided with a mentor, Initially, we had to prepare the design and discuss it with the mentor (~30 mins). After he approves the design we can start coding, the mentor takes status every 30 mins and if he finds that you have made no progress, he will politely ask you to leave, don’t worry that’s the case when you’ll be absolutely doing nothing. If you’re stuck you can discuss it with your mentor, they are very helpful.

Round 3: Interview Round (~2.5hrs)

At Commvault you can expect to get roasted on OS. OS is a must for Commvault, I was asked about concurrency control (not directly they will tell a story and you have to solve the issues in the story), threads, and other topics. Then we discussed DBMS, serialization, performance, transactions, ACID properties. After DBMS, we moved to the DSA part, where I was given 2 – 3 problems: Binary Tree Maximum Path Sum, Mirror view of the tree, a medium dp question (I don’t remember). Then we discussed CN, different layers, functions of them, sockets. At last, we talked about my projects. It was an in-depth analysis of my understanding and I really enjoyed the process. They are very polite and helpful 🙂

I was also asked a puzzle before the conversation ended.

Round 4: HR Round

The team asked to share our experience and congratulated us.

Verdict: Selected

If you are willing to work for Commvault Systems then try to build some projects on C++. You have to be very clear with C++ (not just what we use in CP) but best practices, clean code, and managing the flow of data. Also, be very thorough with OS, have an in-depth understanding of topics.

Special Thanks:

  • Thank you striver_79 for your efforts on students like me
  • CodeChef and LeetCode Team
  • All my mentors who supported me

Disclaimer: I had tried to recall as closely as possible but the actual questions/experience may have a slight deviation from it.

~ Striver’s Student