Barclays Graduate Analyst Interview Experience | Set 1

Company Name: Barclays

Job Role: BA3 Graduate Analyst

Years of Experience Required: Fresher

Drive: OncampusCTC: ~14 LPA


Topics: DSA, DBMS, OOP, OS, C++, Java

Duration: 2-3 months. I was consistent in classes and used to make proper notes so core subjects didn’t take me much time.

Source of Preparation: Leetcode, GeeksForGeeks, Javatpoint(mainly for DBMS, Java and OOP)


Interview Rounds

Round 1: Online Coding Test

A 1.5-hour camera proctored test conducted on HackerEarth included 30 Technical MCQs and 2 Coding Questions(Medium-Hard Level). 

Moreover, the paper had different sets which made sure that everyone gets a different set of questions.

Time Management along with accuracy measures for passing this round.

Round 2: Onsite/Video call

Topics asked: It was a Tech+HR/Managerial round of interviews where questions revolved around my resume, Core Subjects, and Managerial questions were also asked.

He started off with “Tell me about yourself” and went long till asking me many questions related to all the Leadership Experience I had mentioned in my resume including my college technical club, the events I have participated in, situational questions, core subjects like DBMS, OS, OOP, etc. 

They value their principles a lot, so many questions were aligned to the values the company demonstrates.

Verdict: Selected for Summer Internship(Intern Analyst) at Barclays and further converted to PPO.

Message to Aspiring Students:

  1. Keep yourself motivated and that has to eventually come from your inner self only. A video or a session would work for an hour, for 5 hours, for 10 hours, for two days, not more than that.
  2. Never lose consistency. It’s THE CORE of excellence!
  3. Keep your fundamentals clear.
  4. Get your hands dirty by practicing Aptitude, LR based questions and English too. (They’re asked in many Online Screening rounds and would also help you in the long run.)
  5. NEVER BLUFF on your Resume.

~Khushi Jain