Bank of America Interview Experience | Set 1

Company Name: Bank of America 

Job Role: Apprentice 

Years of Experience Required: 0 years 

Drive: Oncampus 

CTC: 6 LPA but increases after 6 months 

Preparation for Bank of America

Topics: Data Structures, DBMS, OOPS, Computer Networks, Aptitude and Reasoning

Duration: 6 months (Jan, 2021 – Jun, 2021) 

Source of Preparation: Aditya Verma for DP, Striver videos, GFG, Prepbytes, Leetcode+Interviewbit Daily Practise, Apna Coding channel for rest of the subjects [BONUS]: Check Striver’s SDE Sheet for Interview Preparation. 


Interview Rounds 

Round 1: Online Coding Test 

Time: 90 minutes 

● The test was active on 9th and 10th September and we had to complete it in 48 hours, so it was like we could attempt it at any time in these 48 hours given time and was conducted on the company’s platform. 

● There were 5 questions (3 video questions + 2 coding questions). 

● The camera and microphone were open for 3 video questions and the only camera was on for 2 coding questions. 

● The first video question was to “Introduce yourself”, the second was “Why should you be a good match for this profile” and the third question was “Explaining the approach of your second coding question” like u need to explain in detail what logic you applied to solve the second coding question. 

Problem List: 

Problem Statement: Given n test cases each of which has numbers in the form of strings, output all numbers from 1 to that number which is not divisible by 5 or 7. 


Input Format: 24 

Result: 1 2 3 4 6 8 9 11 12 13 16 17 18 19 22 23 24 

Input Format: 12 

Result: 1 2 3 4 6 8 9 11 12

Problem Statement 2: Given a string ‘s’ consisting of lower and uppercase letters where each letter has a value from 1 to 26 and we need to calculate the beauty value of this string which is the sum of all alphabets in it. 

Note: The string is not case sensitive meaning F is exactly beautiful as f is. Output the maximum possible beauty of this string. 

Input Format: AbBCcc 

Result: 152 

Hint: You need to observe which alphabet will have what value….. like it’s not necessary for A or a to have a value as 1 and Z or z to have a value as 26. So think. 

Solution: First Count the frequency of all elements in the string, then the one with the largest frequency is given number 26, then another one with less frequency as 25, and so on. 

So, for the above example: AbBCcc – here frequency of c is maximum so c has number 26, the frequency of A max so its value is 25 and for b it’s 24 so answer = 3*26 + 2*25 + 1*24 = 152 

Round 2: Onsite/Video Call 

Time: 1 hour 

Topics asked: Almost all four major subjects were covered. 


● This round again started with my introduction followed up with a good discussion. The interviewer was very friendly and started asking me questions on each and everything mentioned in my resume right from questions from all languages to all projects, a good discussion on projects made, to everything related to my hobby. ● What are lists, dictionary 

● Differences b/w list, dictionary, and tuple 

The above two were asked as I mentioned Python in my resume.

● Difference between x++ and x=x+1 

● Are multiple inheritances allowed in Java 

● How comfortable are you in coding? 

● What is OS, DBMS, different types of joins, 1 SQL query (fairly easy – given a table with employees and their respective salaries o/p the second highest salary) ● Basic commands like CREATE, SELECT, GROUP BY, etc were also asked ● What is networking, OSI Model, LAN, and WAN since I mentioned NETWORKING in my resume and he was a networking person 

● Implement stack using queue and vice versa only verbal implementation ● Questions on the project were asked and since my project was related to HTML and Css so questions from that domain were asked 

I mention traveling as my hobby so he asked: 

● Where did you travel last and what enthusiast you about that place and all like he wanted to hear why is traveling my hobby 

Some Hr type questions were: 

● What are your strengths and weaknesses? 

● Which profile would you prefer? 

● Where do you see yourself in 5 years and what are your goals? 

● If given a choice between the client, you, and the company, who would you choose first and why? 

Round 3: HR/Managerial Round 

Time: 10 min 

● All further face-to-face interview rounds were conducted on Web-Ex. ● This was a very small round and was majorly around resume and HR-type questions. 

● When I entered the meeting, the first question was to Introduce myself. ● After this, the discussion went on my projects, the technologies I used, and how I overcame all the challenges during making my project. 

Verdict: Selected 

All the Best Guys!! 

~Tanmaya Arora