Amazon SDE 1 Interview Experience | Set 2

Company Name: Amazon

Job Role: SDE – I  (6 months internship)

Years of Experience Required: 0 years

Drive: On-campus


Topics: Data structures and Algorithms

Duration: 6-8 months

Source of Preparation:

  • takeuforward channel,  Pepcoding level – 1 and level – 2 modules, DSA self paced course, interview bit, GFG frequently asked interview questions, leetcode


Interview Rounds

Round 1: Online Coding Test (Duration: 2 hr 30 minutes)

  • 7 Debugging questions 
  • 25 Aptitute questions
  • Behavioural questions
  • 2 coding questions

Round 2: Online 1 – hour face to face technical interview in amazon chime and live code platform with two young SDE – 2 guys..

Round 3: Online 1 – hour face to face technical interview in amazon chime and live code platform with one  SDE – 2 guy.

Verdict: Selected

Message to Aspiring Students:

Consistency is the key. It’s never too late to start, it all depends on how consistent enough you are. So practice daily, even if you get rejected in some interviews, just remember that yahoo also rejected google. Hard work never fails. Just keep faith in yourselves and don’t leave the flow, just trust the process. In the end, all this hard work pays off.

Before the actual interview just do some mock interviews with your friend on google meet, so that you can get used to that environment which automatically builds confidence. While practicing the problems and discussing with your friends it is recommended to communicate in English so that in interviews you might not face many difficulties. Make a habit of analyzing the time and space complexity of each problem you practice.

At last what i want to say is that being from a tier – 3 colleges, if an average student like me has done it then why not you….it’s all depends on the practice….Remember that excuses don’t make progress….!

Active Linkedin Profiles for Seeking referral at Amazon: Just search the employees working at amazon and target the ones having the less followers, so that the chances of getting the referral is high.