Amazon SDE 1 (Intern) Interview Experience | Set 4

Company Name: AMAZON

Job Role: SDE Intern (6 Months)

YOE Required: Not Required

Drive: On-campus


Topics: Arrays, Strings, LL, Stacks, queues, Recursion, Hashing

  Trees, Graph, DP, Heap, Greedy, Backtracking

Duration: I believe it’s a continuous process.

Source of Preparation: LC Discussions, TakeUforward, Aditya Verma, Abdul Bari, Riddhi Dutta, and sometimes Prateek Narang’s Affordable Udemy course borrowed from my friend.


Interview Rounds

Round 1: Online Coding Test

Problem List: 7 Easy Debugging questions, 20-25 Aptitude questions, and a few workstyle behavioral kinds of questions.

Coding: I don’t remember the exact question but it was something related to DP wherein we need to find max number of ways to achieve the given condition.

Round 2: Onsite/Video Call.

Topics asked: Heap, DP

Problems:  Variations of Leetcode Medium problems based on Heap and DP.

Round 3: Onsite/Video Call

Topics asked: DP

Problems: The first question was some weird one, never saw that anywhere, after the interview, Googled that but couldn’t find that even on Google. The second question was Matrix-based DP.

Verdict: Selected

Message to Aspiring Students:

If you are a Competitive Coder, go ahead, you are already on the right path, but if you don’t like CP, try to solve as many medium leetcode problems as possible.

~Ayush Agrawal

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