Amazon Interview Experience : SDE : Set 28

Company Name: Amazon

Job Role: SDE

Years of Experience Required: Fresher (0 Yrs.)

Drive: Off-Campus (Referral)

Preparation for Amazon


Topics: Data Structures and Algorithms

Duration: 1.5 years

Source of Preparation: Codechef,  Leetcode, GFG, Striver’s SDE sheet.


Amazon Interview Rounds

Interview Rounds

Round 1: Online Coding Test

  • Given a number say 12345, find the immediate next number using the same digits, in this case, 12354.
  • Top view of binary tree: Given below is a binary tree. The task is to print the top view of the binary tree. The top view of a binary tree is the set of nodes visible when the tree is viewed from the top.

Round 2:Technical Interview

  • Given a matrix, if an element in the matrix is 0 then you will have to set its entire column and row to 0 and then return the matrix. (Link)
  • Root to node path in a binary tree: We are given a binary tree T and a node V. We need to print a path from the root of the tree to the node.

Round 3: Technical Interview

  • Long discussion on my projects and work in internship followed by 1 coding question.
  • Sudoku Solver: Given a 9×9 incomplete sudoku, solve it such that it becomes valid sudoku. Valid sudoku has the following properties.
    • All the rows should be filled with numbers(1 – 9) exactly once.
    • All the columns should be filled with numbers(1 – 9) exactly once.
    • Each 3×3 submatrix should be filled with numbers(1 – 9) exactly once.

Round 4: Technical + Managerial

  • Why amazon?
  • The most difficult situation you faced in internship and how did you tackle it.
  • Convert a binary tree to doubly linkedlist

Verdict: Selected

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