Amazon Interview Experience : SDE : Set 25

Company Name: Amazon India

Job Role: SDE-1

Years of Experience Required: 0 to 2

Drive: Off-Campus

Preparation for Amazon

Topics: Data Structure and Algorithms

Duration: 2-3 months

Source of Preparation:

  • GeeksForGeeks(Previously asked Interview question and Experience)
  • Striver’s SDE sheet and his video tutorial on trees, graphs.
  • Leetcode (Easy and Medium top interview question list, weekly and biweekly contest)


Amazon Interview Rounds

Round 1: Online Coding Test

I don’t remember the questions exactly, but one was of DP and the other was a Tree question

Round 2: Technical Interview


  1. A minimum number of platforms required for a railway. We are given two arrays that represent the arrival and departure times of trains that stop at the platform. We need to find the minimum number of platforms needed at the railway station so that no train has to wait.

Round 3: Technical Interview

  • Count Possible Decodings: Let 1 represent ‘A’, 2 represent ‘B’, etc. Given a digit sequence, count the number of possible decodings of the given digit sequence. 
  • Rotting Oranges, Given a grid of mXn matrix, where each cell has the following values: 0,1,2. Every minute, if a Fresh Orange is adjacent to a Rotten Orange in 4-direction ( upward, downwards, right, and left ) it becomes Rotten. Return the minimum number of minutes required such that none of the cells has a Fresh Orange. If it’s not possible, return -1.

Round 4: Technical + Managerial

  • Convert a given Binary Tree to a Doubly Linked List
  • ACID properties, DDL, DML.
  • What is normalization? Types of normalization

Verdict: Selected

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