Amazon Interview Experience | SDE Intern | Set 7

Company Name: Amazon

Job Role: SDE Intern 

Years of Experience Required: 0

Drive: On-campus

Stipend: Rs. 80,000/month

Preparation for Amazon

Topics: Arrays, Binary Search, Two Pointers, Hashing, Graphs, Binary Trees, Binary Search Trees, Linked Lists, Stacks and Queues, Dynamic Programming.

Duration: 1 year

Source of Preparation:

  • Striver’s SDE Sheet. It is a gem! 
  • TakeUForward’s tutorials.
  • Aditya Verma’s YouTube videos for Dynamic Programming. 
  • Blogs on Hackerearth and GeeksforGeeks. 


Amazon Interview Rounds

Round 1: Online Assessment Test

The assessment consists of four sections:

Code Debugging (20 minutes): There were 7 problems in which we needed to correct the logical or syntax error in the given code. This section was quite easy. 

Coding Test (70 minutes): There were 2 coding questions. I don’t remember the questions exactly. 

  • The first question was a greedy problem which was easy as I solved it within 10 – 15 minutes. 
  • The second question was a Graph Problem that basically boils down to finding the cost of the minimum spanning tree. 

Workstyles Assessment Test (20 minutes): This section was meant for behavioral analysis. You have to move the slider to your inclination for a particular question. My advice would be to keep 14 Amazon Leadership Principles in mind while attempting this section.

Reasoning Ability Section (35 minutes): There were a total of 24 questions of aptitude and verbal reasoning questions in this section with easy-medium difficulty.

Round 2: Technical Interview 1 on Amazon Chime (1 hour) 

Topics asked: Two Pointers, Hashing, Strings, Arrays. 

My interviewer introduced himself first. He was SDE 2 at Amazon with experience of 4+ years. He was very chill and made me very comfortable as I was quite nervous initially.

He then asked me to introduce myself. After my introduction, he told me about the flow for this round that I’ll be given two coding problems (25 minutes roughly for each problem) and I will have to share my approach with him and once he is satisfied with the approach, I need to code my approach on their editor and do a dry run of it.


  1. Given a string, I need to find the length of longest substring with no repeating characters. 
  2. Search for an element in a row-wise and column-wise sorted matrix of size N x M. 

Round 3: Technical Interview Round 2 on Amazon Chime (1 hour 15 minutes) 

Topics asked: Priority Queues, Binary Search Trees. 

My interviewer was a Senior Software Development Engineer with 6+ years of experience. 

He asked me to introduce myself. He then asked me what things I’ve done in the past 6 months. I told him that I’ve mainly participated in coding contests and also improvised a project which I made in my 2nd year. He then asked me some follow-up questions like what improvisation I’ve done in the project, etc. After some discussion on the project part, he moved to the DSA part. 


  1. Merge K sorted arrays having length N. 
  2. Check if a Binary Tree is a BST or not. 

Verdict: Selected

Message to Aspiring Students:

  • Have a stronghold on Data Structures and Algorithms by practicing on GeeksforGeeks or Leetcode.
  • Take part in contests on Codeforces and Codechef. This will help you to improve your problem-solving skills and also help you in coming up with a solution quickly.
  • Write neat code during the interview, with proper naming of variables and functions.
  • Make sure you are able to present your thought process to the interviewer. For this, you can conduct mock interviews with your friends.
  • Be confident and calm.