Square in C : Calculate square of a number

Square in C
Square in C

Problem Statement: Given a number N, calculate the square of the number N. Square in C.


Example 1:
Input: N = 3
Output: 9
Explanation: 3*3 = 9

Example 2:
Input: N = 4
Output: 16
Explanation: 4*4 = 16

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What is Square of a Number?

A square of a number is simply the resultant number obtained by multiplying the number with itself. For example, square of 2 will be 2*2, and square of 10 will be 10*10 and so on.


To calculate the square of a number we need to multiply the number by itself.


C Program

int square(int n)
    int sq = n*n;
    return sq;    

int main()
    int n=3;
    printf("The square of the given number %d is %d",n,square(n));


The square of the given number 3 is 9

Time Complexity: O(1)

Space Complexity: O(1)

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