C Programs : List of most popular programs in C

C Programs

Even though a lot of learners might consider C programming language as an out-dated language, but most of them are not aware of the fact that C is the base of most popular languages that we use today.

And, here is a list of most popular C programs that most of the beginners search for!

These C programs comes with detailed explanation from very basic with multiple examples which makes it easy to understand.

These are one of the best explained and updated C programs on the internet!

  1. gcd of two numbers in C
  2. Square in C : Calculate square of a number
  3. Armstrong number in C
  4. Prime Number Program in C
  5. Factorial program in C
  6. Swapping of two numbers in C
  7. Leap year program in C
  8. pow function in C : power of a number
  9. Palindrome program in C
  10. Fibonacci series in C
  11. Reverse a number in C
  12. Binary to Decimal in C
  13. Length of String in C
  14. Reverse array in C
  15. Bubble Sort in C
  16. Insertion Sort in C
  17. Selection Sort in C
  18. Reverse String in C
  19. For Loop in C
  20. Matrix addition in C
  21. Structure in C
  22. Linear Search in C
  23. String Concatenation in C
  24. Transpose of a Matrix
  25. Pointer in C
  26. LCM of two numbers in C
  27. strcpy() in C
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