Binary to Decimal in C

Binary to Decimal in C
Binary to Decimal in C

Problem Statement: Given a Binary Number convert it to its equivalent decimal number. Binary to Decimal in C.


Example 1:
Input: N = 101
Output: 5

Example 2:
Input: N = 1000
Output: 8

DisclaimerDon’t jump directly to the solution, try it out yourself first.


Intuition: The idea is to add the appropriate power of 2 to the final answer, whenever the bit is set.

  • Given a binary number.
  • Declare a variable to store the decimal number and initialize with 0 say dec = 0
  • Take the remainder of the binary number dividing by 10 and store it in variable rem.
  • Now dec = dec + rem * base, base starts with base = 1 and increases after each iteration base = base*2.
  • And reduce the binary number by dividing it by 10 after each iteration.
Binary to Decimal in C


C Program


int main()
    int N = 101;
    int num = N;
    int dec=0;
    int base = 1;
        int rem = N%10;
        dec = dec+rem*base;
        base = base*2;
        N = N/10;
    printf("The decimal equivalent of %d is %d",num,dec);

Output: The decimal equivalent of 101 is 5

Time Complexity: O(n), where n is the length of the number

Space Complexity: O(1).

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