Best Compilers Online and Offline for programmers in 2022

Best Compilers

Why do you need to choose the perfect compiler while you are programming?

As a programmer, it is necessary, to be equipped with a good compiler to maximize productivity. 

A good compiler is judged mainly on the compilation and execution time with a friendly user interface environment is taken into consideration.

Enlisted here, are the 3 best offline compilers and the 3 best online compilers.

Offline Compilers

  • Visual Studio Code: Visual Studio Code is one of the most robust compilers. One can use it for programming purposes as well as for development purposes as well. It provides an excellent debugging tool. It has an excellent user-friendly environment with numerous other features like auto bracket completion, code coloring, autosuggestion, etc. You can integrate some extensions according to your use as well. Also, it has a fast compilation and execution time along with an interactive console. Setting up is also an easy and fast process, that is why most of the students and developers prefer VS Code in the first place as it supports a variety of programming languages and tools for development.

  • Sublime Text IDE: It has a fast compilation and execution time. It supports a wide variety of programming languages along with markup languages. It is lightweight therefore runs instantly. Its color coding feature is excellent that is why it could be used as an excellent resource for text editing and reviewing. One can also set up according to one’s requirement and boost productivity.

  • Code Blocks: Light-weight and fast, Code Blocks is a free open source IDE, which supports multiple compilers including GCC, Clang and many more. It has a fast compilation and execution time. Coming to its user-friendliness, it provides debugging assistance, auto-suggest, bracket completion and automatic code colouring. Though its colour coding is not as effective as the other two mentioned still one can review and edit code easily.

Online Compilers

  • It is a free compiler along with a debugging tool. It is one of the most popular compilers used by programmers of all kinds be it, beginners or experts. In, you set the programming language according to your choice and then code it accordingly. helps you set the visibility of the code as well, like public, private or secret. This is a great feature that enables online tutors to share their codes. However, care must be taken while coding the solution at the time of Coding Contests. Because people with malicious intent may leak your code you may get penalised during the plagiarism checks. To avoid this, set your code to private. is a fast compiler and it also helps to set execution time limits. You need to create an account to use it.

  • Online GDB: Online GDB compiler provides an excellent user-friendly interface which makes it popular mostly among beginners and developers.  It provides features like multiple programming languages, interactive console, colour coding, auto-complete brackets, debugging code, and many such features. In terms of execution, it is faster than most of the online compilers present. You can also change the programming language according to your need. Online GDB also enables you to download the code and keep it saved for future use. There is no compulsion of account creation to use the Online GDB compiler nor does it charge any fee.

  • J Doodle: Another free online compiler used extensively by programmers is the J Doodle. It also provides an excellent user-friendly interface like colour coding, automatic bracket closing and opening, auto-save feature and many more. It also provides options for both file upload as well online compilation and then execution. One can save his/her code and may share it with his her peers. There is no compulsion of getting yourself registered. You can straightaway code, compile and run your program. One of the best features that it has is the exceptionally fast execution time. Presently it supports 76+ programming languages.

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