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GFG Coupon Code [September 2022]


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What is GFG?

GFG or GeeksforGeeks is the biggest computer science portal in the world. Started nearly 10 years ago, they are the most searched computer science website in the world. One of the most unique features back in those days, for which GFG gained popularity was their Interview Experiences.

As easy as it may sound today, it was a unique idea by the founder of GeeksforGeeks – Mr. Sandeep Jain. While working in DE Shaw, he realised how painful it was for him to figure out the type of questions companies may ask in the interview rounds. All he could do is to reach out to his college alumnus one by one and talk to them about their experiences during interviews.

Later, he realised that this is the same problem faced by any other student preparing for interviews. Hence he launched the portal GeeksforGeeks.

Ever since it was launched, it turned to be a blessing for all computer science engineers appearing for interviews.

What Courses do GeeksforGeeks offer?

GeeksforGeeks offers courses in a wide range starting from Data Structures & Algorithms, Web Development, Data Science, Interview Preparation etc.

DSA Self Paced

DSA self paced is one of the best & affordable courses out there to master Data Structures & Algorithms. Let’s take it step by step:

Why do you need to learn Data Structures & Algorithms?

  • It improves your problem solving skills dramatically.
  • Key differentiator between a good/bad software engineer.
  • Is the most important topic in the interview rounds of FAANG or any other good tech company like OLA, UBER, Flipkart etc.

Why GfG’s DSA Self Paced?

  • Taught by none other than Mr. Sandeep Jain with 10+ years in teaching DSA.
  • Live Doubt Support whenever you are stuck.
  • Covers everything from scratch to details.
  • Own ide/code practice platform.
  • Learn by Doing, solve more than 400+ coding questions.
  • More than 70,000+ students enrolled.
  • Most affordable/best course.

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Complete Interview Preparation Course

One of the best courses if you want to do all round interview preparation:

What does it includes?

  • Programming Languages.
  • Concepts of Object Oriented Programming.
  • Complete data structures and algorithms from basic to advanced.
  • Object Oriented design or low level design asked in companies like Amazon, Microsoft etc.
  • Projects
  • Resume Building and much more.

Course Instructor: Sandeep Jain

Use GFG coupon code TUF15 for availing an additional 15% off on the Complete Interview Preparation Course.


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GFG Coupon Code: TUF 15

What are some unique features of GeeksforGeeks?

  • Lifetime Access To The Course
  • Access to GeeksforGeeks Job Portal
  • Track-based Learning
  • Course Completion Certificate trusted by top companies
  • Quiz & Theory based Learning
  • Assessment tests

Are there in other GFG Coupon Code?

No, this is the highest discount code available anywhere online for GeeksforGeeks. Use coupon code TUF15 and get a flat 15% OFF on all courses.

Can I send this code to my friends?

Yes, please feel free to share this to as many friends as you want.

Can I buy multiple courses using GFG Coupon Code : TUF15 ?

Absolutely yes! You can buy as many courses using coupon code TUF15 at flat 15% off.